FA Pro Stick Tweaking help

Hello All,

Could someone take a look at and offer suggestions. Gain is currently set to -10 which seems to give me the most planes and the highest sig level for them.

Setup is Pi2-FAProStick-FA1090Filter-25ftcoax-Antenna

I connected it up on the 20th about 6pm.

Mine used to look like that and always thought I should be getting more range so I dropped my gain to 30 and got much better results.

I dropped mine to 30 and see about the same number of aircraft and messages per second.
My noise floor dropped 10db.

I do have a really short coax run to a DPD antenna in the attic.

I will have to try it with a nooelec mini 2 when I get a chance.


Give other settings a try. My noise level was similar to yours (-20db) until I changed my gain to 30.

Set mine from -10 to 30 at 5:25pm

So been playing with the gain. Leaving it on -10 seems to give me the most planes but do my stats look as bad as I think they do. I am not 100% sure if the red is really bad or not in this picture.