Tail numbers without results


I have four tail numbers in my “my flightaware” area but they have yet to produce any results… N451PA, N452PA, N453PA, N454PA… These are all Polar Air Cargo aircraft that I am certain are in service on a daily basis. Since Polar uses many different flight numbres I though using tails numbres would produce more consistant results… none sofar. :confused:

Was my assumption incorrect? :blush:

BTW, this site is EXCELLENT and I really have no complaints what so ever… just was hoping someone could set me straight regarding the use of tail numbers to track various aircraft.

Thanks for creating such a comprehensive tool!! :exclamation:


When scheduled operators like Polar Air Cargo (and the airlines) fly under flight codes (PACxxx) they never mention their tail number in the flight plan, so we have no way to correlate the two. The only system that knows what flight number matches what tail number is the airline’s internal computer system.
Sorry about that.


There is a way you can find there tail numbers if you have access to acars or a spotters website where acars logs are posted daily.
example of today from UK-ACARS From COA Flights
N78009 20051118 1123 CO0004 (B772 COA) (KIAH-EGKK)
N78009 20051118 1410 CO0005 (B772 COA) (EGKK-KIAH)
N78017 20051118 0858 CO0010 (B777 COA) (KIAH-LFPG)
N78017 20051118 1248 CO0011 (B777 COA) (LFPG-KIAH)
N37018 20051118 1135 CO0019 (B777 COA) (EGKK-KEWR)
N17133 20051118 0917 CO0027 (B752 COA) (EGBB-KEWR)
N76153 20051118 0841 CO0028 (B767 COA) (KEWR-EGKK)
N76153 20051118 1323 CO0029 (B767 COA) (EGKK-KEWR)
N78005 20051118 1007 CO0035 (B772 COA) (EGKK-KIAH)
N67157 20051118 1050 CO0045 (B767 COA) (LIMC-KEWR)
N69059 20051118 1007 CO0046 (B767 COA) (KIAH-EHAM)

have a look around on www Plenty there
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