Strange Track


Look at this track. What happedned?


What happened is that you probably didn’t look through the various topics in the FlightAware forum. This strange tracking has been discussed several times. Please use the *search *link above.


Four minutes, dami…not bad!


Still room for improvement though.

The beatings will continue until morale improves!


damiross. Lets give the new members a break here. To answer the question, ATC sometimes only uses the last three digits of the planes id code when flying IFR because of excess work load. So, FA is now thinks it is tracking two planes at the same time in different airspace. Gives us the magnadoodle effect.



Actually, it was less than 4 minutes. I deleted my original posting then decided not to disappoint the others so I re-worded it and posted it again.

How long of a break? A day? A week? Until the cows come home?* To me, it’s only common sense to at least scan the vast wealth of knowledge available in the forum before asking questions. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When I log onto a new site that has a FAQ and a forum, I look through both before I start posting.

*The cows come home next year Tuesday.


Yes, but even the most savy forum user can be reduced to a newbie if they don’t know the correct search terms. If Joe Smith off the street knows nothing whatsoever about aviation, but has been using forums for years, how can we expect him to search for ETOPS or holds, or any other cause of odd routing or website behavior?

Then we get into the totally computer illiterate who have not the brains to comprehend how to form search terms in the first place (had one person who couldn’t think to search for “convert dollars yen” on Google).

And don’t forget, even though we are not part of FA, we project our persona onto the site as a whole. If we come across as a snobbish clique, people will move to competing products.


But there’s no competing product! At least none worth the electrons used to transmit it over the Internet.

For the rest of your posting, odog: While one part of me agrees with what you said, the other part says the people should think outside the box, as Patch Adams said, when it comes to searching. If term A doesn’t find anything, then try term b or c or d…

But, then again, I was a product of schools that actually taught people to think for themselves.


Very well said…I fully agree…FA is such a thrill to use…’ massive posting - power users’ that post condescening comments should be carefully moderated…


Very well said…I fully agree…

Like yourself. LOL


WAY off target! Eleven posts can hardly be construed as a making one a “power user”.

There’s no doubt who the reference is to, nor the fact that Dami could sugar-coat his replies occasionally. But I can’t believe that any thinking adult would judge us ALL, nor the Forum itself, by one flippant or glib response.


See what you started dami???



Me too! :open_mouth:


Is merlin WAY off or is it me? I couldn’t figure that out. :blush:


I quoted you referring to Merlin as a power user, and gently corrected you accordingly.


I meant that as a “so as dami is a power user, merlin is too.”


[innocence]Who? Me?[/innocence]


I don’t think the innocence switch was implimented in your revision dami.


I prefer to say, “You can beat the messengers dead horse and drag it to water, but you cannot make it drink nor can you improve its morale.”

By the way, I’m surprised that such strange tracks do not occur more often.