flight track

What is going on here?


It’s been covered in here before if you do a search, but most of the time it’s two flights flying at the same time with the same ID.


I won’t fault you on your first post, but others won’t be so nice. :wink:

The FAQ’s and the forum are great resources to what this site has to offer and what is up with its glitches, you’ll learn a lot.

We used to see questions on this about two or three times a week. It’s been a couple of months since the last one!

In all newbies defense, it is hard to search for the answers. What do you search for? “Flight track”? 583 matches. “tracking”? 480 matches. Even “strange track” yeilds 663 matches.
Newbies have to know enough to query “strange and track” to get a managable 19 matches, and sure enough a bunch of them are spot-on.

That’s why I didn’t tear him a new one. :wink:

Your spelling of defense, though, may not be so easily forgiven. :slight_smile:

Uh…Yeah, I meant to spell it that way. Like “throw them over de-fence.” Yeah, that makes sence, right?