Strange Flight track. Never seen a flight track like this before. Anyone else? Supposedly there is 50 mins left on this flight. Currently 1:47 eastern

two flights with the same flight number being tracked at the same time
OMA to ORD and ABI to DFW

ty for the heads up

As you appear to be a new FlightAware member (and at the risk of me getting flamed by some on this forum for making this suggestion) may I suggest you read or at least glance through all of the topics in the forum and read the questions/answers (link in upper right corner).

You’ll find many of your questions answered by doing those two simple things.

You must have a lot of time on your hands. :laughing:

Nope. Just believe that if you are going to use something then you should use it well. In other words, reading the manual (or, in this case, the Q&A and forum).

Your post count suggests otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:

My post count is only 3.60 per day. I’m a fast reader and a fast typist so it doesn’t really take that much time.

deef1999- welcome to damirossaware. Being corrected by him for minor points puts you in very good, and large, company.

The “Banter Thread” ain’t got nuthin on this kind of material… :wink: