Bugging Me

I have been tracking American Airlines’ overnight flights between Hawaii and Dallas, namely flight #6 (OGG-DFW), and flight #8 (HNL-DFW). These are flights that should be somewhere in the neighboorhood of 7 hours, yet the duration this web site shows is in the neighborhood of 4 hours and the line that is used to track the flight ends in Los Angeles.

I can understand that all is not well in terms of tracking international flights, but why is this such a problem?, especially when the I check the outbound flights from DFW-Hawaii, and they are the correct duration and have the correct flightplan drawn.

Are there some more bugs that you have noticed?

Because it appears, as a new person on this forum, you haven’t look through the other postings (as a newbie should on any posting), I’ll let you know that you should use the handy dandy search link above. Use the key word duration.

After that, please look at the rest of the topics to get an idea of what has been discussed. As my dear old mammy says, “It’ll be good for you.”

Also, you are more apt to get more people to view your posting if you post an informative subject. “Bugging Me” doesn’t tell me anything. “Incorrect flight time” or something like that is more informative.

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  • “RDI” to answer your question I cannot, however it does not sound like a bug. On the other hand Who the F**k cares if its been discussed before. Thats what forums are all about, I dont care if there is a post on the same topic every damn day. Shut up, sorry you dont have anything better to do then hang out all the time at the Flight Aware forums. Dont get me wrong these are great discussion boards. Oh, whats this Caught you on a good day crap lol, youre a dork every day RDI sorry I could not answer your question, however feel free to post any questions or concerns you so desire. Oh and next time a wanna-be forum rent cop acts up like that, smack em down like a annoying little dog - Have a good day, KCVG

DISCLAMER Dont beat puppies! :slight_smile:

We’re actively working on the “Hawaii bug” and have significantly improved it on the development network.

Wow…once again, somone is reduced to name calling…

Too bad dbaker did say it was a bug.

Also, that “good mood” comment was more directed as a joke towards damiross.

Go take some Valium, take some deep breaths, and count backwards from 10 slowly…

“To bad” ??? Dude that was posted 3min after mine. Besides, thats not the point I made. On the other hand its nice to know it’s a bug, and they are aware of it and doing there best to fix it. I never clamied that I knew for sure that it was “not” a bug. I dont work for flight aware. Good talk, Glad that was cleared up.

The purpose of a forum is, as you state, is for discussion. However, users have a responsibility, no, an obligation! (can I get an amen?) to be informed about what has already gone on in the forum before he, she, or it joined.

I am not a dork - I’m a geek! (can I get another amen?). A dork is a cross between a duck and a fork. While I may use a fork, my feet aren’t webbed. Pika isn’t a dork, either. He not only doesn’t have webbed feet (as far as I know), being in Oklahoma he doesn’t even own a fork, much less use one! :stuck_out_tongue:

As a founding member of the “loser section” I offer up a hearty Amen.
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I grew up in CA…I just so happen to live in OK. Can I help it if my wife is from here and hated CA???

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I did grow up in CA…MIT/BFL

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There’s WAY too much evidence extant here in the forums that you’ve never grown up! :wink:

That is TOTALLY beside the point…

Several “Amen” to damiross. “Amen” is the plural of “Aman”, isn’t it?]

I really get a kick of this part of the quote: “On the other hand ‘Who the F**k cares if its been discussed before’. Thats what forums are all about, I dont care if there is a post on the same topic every damn day.”

Actually, most of us DO care if it’s been posted before. The poster ought to be aware enough to know (or find out) that there is a previously active posting on the topic. It can be reactivated so easily – just enter a “reply” in the original topic. It immediately goes to the top of the Forum topic list. Then you can enter a new reply EVERY DAY in that topic and no one will give a [expletive deleted].

  • I will not continue to engage in conversation with you, as my disputes are saved for Marvin the Marshin. Whom is in vary much need of a vacation away from his Web Browser Firey Fox Tabs  or something to that affect, Im sure I will be corrected before too long. 8)

Thank you for the kinds words, KCVG. Yes, you are correct, you will be corrected. I’m sorry it has taken so long but, you see, I was spending time with my girlfriend and that is much more important to me than checking on the postings in the FlightAware forum.

Grab a beverage of your choice (it can even be a beverage of the adult persuasion), turn on the music, and smoke 'em if you got 'em because here we go!

It is “Martian,” not “Marshin.” There’s no period after between “Marshin” and “Whom.” I think the “whom” should actually be “who” but don’t quote me because I often get the whole “who whom” thing wrong.

While I do like variety in my vacations, the word you should have used was “very,” not “vary.”

The web browser (no caps needed) is Firefox. Firefox has tabs. This makes it much easier to browse the web. Yes, I would like a vacation but I don’t need one.

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