Flight Duration Question

Because I am going to Maui within the week, I have been tracking the flights for duration and on time schedule. For reference, I am looking at American #7 from DFW (Dallas) to OGG (Maui) and American #6 on the return. American posts an 8 hour time outbound and 7 hours on the return (#6.) The outbound duration times shown on this program are consistent with the reported times by American… However the Flt 6 from Maui to Dallas is showing a consistent duration time of about 4 hours. This is impossible considering the aircraft and a distance of over 3500 miles. What am I missing in looking at this schedule history or even the fact that the duration can possibly show a 4 hour flight…

Bob, search for “hawaii” to find this previous thread.

I clicked on your link above, and thought you mistakenly linked to the page we’re now on. They’re - like - IDENTICAL…

After careful scrutiny between the two pages, I did find differences starting with the second messages posted on each page.

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Actually I used my own advice and found crap for actual answers. The previous thread wasn’t much luck either.
This thread is the best I’ve found that actually tries to explain the problem. To be honest, I’ve never had much luck with the search function, it never seems to yield meaningful results. (it’s not in the FAQ’s, and BugAware always gives me an error when I try to search for things on there too)

Hi whenever a plane flies over the pacific flight awares tracking system gets messed up so the info is in correct. since I live In hawaii I can tell you that most of the time if you are flying out of here the flight will be probably an hour shorter than if you are flying into here… hope this helped

Doesn’t help at all.
The duration of the flight has nothing to do with the maps on FlightAware (not “flight awares”).

You age, please? I bet you are a student in high school due to the spelling and grammar. Hawaii’s schools, unless they have changed in the past 30 years, are not that great. I should know - I went to two high schools there.

Aiea Intermediate 1969-1971
Aiea High School 1971-1973

I guess that would be about 36 years ago.