How to use FlightAware

I am new to FlightAware and I am very impressed!

However, where can I find basic instructions on how to use the system?

For example, sometimes aircraft tracks appear, other times they don’t, but I don’t know why.

I hope someone can help.


Read the questions/answers (“FAQs”) - this is located at the top right of every page or you can just click this:

You don’t have to read everything but I would recommend at least looking through the Announcements and General sections of the discussion board. But to really help yourself, I would go through as much of the different forums as possible. You don’t have to read everything in the forums. (Be aware that quite often after the first few postings to a given forum the discussion takes a turn.)

Unfortunately, some really good discussions are hidden behind really stupid subject lines.

Finally, ask questions here. Give it a good subject line (e.g. “How do I find a flight” is 1,000% better than “flight question”) and you’re apt to get an answer much faster.


I don’t want to cause one of those “turns” but do you have any good examples of the “really good discussions … hidden behind really stupid subject lines”?

I’d like to read.

One example is Question???. Not quite along the same line as “stupid subject lines” but closely related are subjects that start on Topic A and morph into Topic B then Topic C. B and C aren’t related to A but do provide good information.

I’d already read that one.

Put’n me on the spot again! Next time I want to make a new topic, I will come to you for the name… And you might think I don’t mean it. HA!!! :unamused:

I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that. Didn’t you get the memo saying you have to clear everything through me before posting? :smiley:

I gotta admit you guys had me smilin’ on those last two posts. :smiley:

You know, as much as it is killing me to say this, David might be onto something here…granted, not him, per say, but he still might be onto something.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my query.

This time my question is:

What do the broken blue track lines mean? They seem to appear at random when I view traffic at an airport.

If they are what I am thinking they are, they are the proposed route lines.

I seem to recall reading recently (probably on this board, hidden behind one of those stupid headings) that they are the intended track and the solid yellow line on top is the actual track. This is a new feature. Here is a good link… … hp?t=10016