Story about KSDM


Here’s the story…
…Of San Diego politics and why KSDM hasn’t lived up to its potential.
I think CFIJames has been here, according to that map of his travels he posted a while ago, and he might agree the place could use a pick-me-up. Most of the activity there is flights from Mexico clearing customs, and once in a while, a C-17 will take up some Navy SEALS for parachute training. The local schools also like to practice the VOR-A approach.
If they could add 1000’ or 2000’ and throw in an ILS for 8L (but not for 26R…that’s another story), they might have something the freight companies could use for a small hub.


I used to fly there. I see they now have a straight in GPS approach to 08 which is plenty long. Mountains to the east, Tijuana to the south. There used to be a cool pilots shop which had a whole bunch of 40 year old stuff that nobody needed, good way to kill an hour. Hopefully they are still there.

Now, if they could swap Miramar for Lindbergh…


That idea, which I think is a good one, comes up every 10 years or so. Thus far, the Navy has declined each time.


Sadly, Brown Field has become a pit… Dilapidated ramp and the first 1500 ft of 26R is very rough…remnants of it’s military beginnings. Fun aviation bar…but I never get the opportunity to indulge :wink: Another tale of mismanagement by the City of S.D. :unamused:


At my former company the chief pilot hired a low time (no jet time) guy for $100/day (ya it was a crappy company). They took off from Columbus, OH heading for Brown Field. Well the FO was along for the ride, the CP couldn’t load the FMS to save his life.

Long story short landed just south in Mexico. Well actually did a STOP-N-GO. They arrived at Brown and welcomed to the States by police and millitary with weapons drawn.

Plane inpounded for 1 week, crew for 48 hours, passengers for 24.

I has happy that day not to be working for that moron anymore.


I think I’ve flown with that guy!


Hey Lear do you know if they’re hiring now?


Yeah that first came up when all those bases got closed down. The Navy moved out of Miramar…but then the Marines closed El Toro and Tustin and moved all that stuff into Miramar. So much for that.
I think that restaurant is still there at Brown.
leardvr, the flight you speak of likely landed at Tijuana (MMTJ), which is about a mile or so to the south of Brown across the border. Wouldn’t be the first time there was confusion.
Mexican domestic flights departing 27 at Tijuana have to make an immediate left turn to 250 I think, to avoid crossing into US.