FedEx flight 9070 burning some gas ;) San Diego/Mexico Coast

Notice this flight Monday afternoon from my Southern California location. Tracking on my receiver box via the aircraft GPS data.

Hope the packages arrive on time :stuck_out_tongue:

FedEx 9070 (FDX9070)
Flying over the warning area W-291 off the coast of San Diego/Mexico.

Wonder if they were testing something for the military…
Click link for larger photo.

History links:
Start Flight (Then FAA stops tracking the plane after take off) … /KBFL/W291

End Flight (Heading back to the airport) … SHOTS/KLAX photo of this plane. … rch=N384FE

Training/checkride is my guess. Look earlier in the day. They flew from LAX to BFL made two missed approaches and one full stop landing. 6 minutes later they took off for W291. After about 100 minutes they then returned to LAX. Just enough time to get in 4 approaches and some airwork.
BFL was VFR and at that hour (after 1600!) it is unlikely the Navy was doing much at 12,000 feet out over the water so the airspace was available and out of the way.

FedEx has been doing testing of system to prevent missiles from hitting commercial aircraft. This could be part of that testing.

Bakersfield is a good area to test for missiles?

Sure. Why not? Since Armpit, I mean, Bakersfield, is a hotbed of SAMs and is at least a top 5,000 target for whoever. You know the terrorists are really looking to take out Buck Owens’ Crystal Palace…

The keyword is TESTING. … dex+missle … 1806p3.xml


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Agreed. I put the “Armpit” and reference to Crystal Palace in there to try to get that, but even I would miss the sarcasm.

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There was word going around back in Mem that some A/c have already had some type of defense system installed on a few already. I assume it is one of those Starburst flares, but whatever it is they were very hush about exactly what it did and how it operated

Fyi… Another DC10 flight flying in the W-291 area today.

The FedEx flight flying off the coast again.
Info on this link. but FAA isn’t tracking it/sending track data to FlightAware.


* Callsign: FDX9024
* Flightnr:
* Reg: N308FE
* Hex: A33D8C
* Model: Douglas DC10-30F (DC10)
* Airline: Fedex
* Lat: 32.7325
* Lon: -118.4133
* Altitude: 12025 feet (3665 m)
* Ground speed: 136 knots
  (252 km/h / 157 mph)
* Track: 3
* Squawk:

Just remember! What you call an arm pit is what others call home. … e&u=295273

I was born and raised there, therefore I can call it the “Armpit of California”. :smiley:

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