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Stats page feedback


I would sure like to see some improvements to the stats page.

  1. The map at the top is more or less useless, move it to the very bottom. In my case it shows only my station on a CONUS scale map… Great, once, to validate the station location is correct, but not sometHing I use every time I visit the stats page. So either put it on a separate page or really, just lose it.

  2. The Site Information section “last seen” entry is deceptively described, it really means “last stats run” or something similar. Stats run as a batch process every 15 minutes or so, somewhere put the time stamp of the last stats run.

  3. If the word “Live” means that, great. If “Live” means "we got data from this station within the last X minutes, say that…

  4. Display a legend with the definition of “positions reported” and “planes seen” – are these only ADSB tracks? Mode S tracks too?

  5. Nearby ADSB sites… Seems kinda random on the distance selector, sometimes it shows sites 100 miles away and a long list, other times a much shorter selector distance and a much shorter list. Suggest making distance selector a user selectable drop down maybe.

  6. Nearby ADSB sites… Define the criteria for “day” (seems to be Zulu day, not local midnight-to-midnight) and define the period use for the median calculation, Sunday to Sunday? This info could be on a help or FAQ page.

Not for the stats page, but add a DIY antenna step by step page for the PiAware build, I am getting limited range performance with the little whip stuck in a window… Assume many PiAware builders are NOT RF savvy. Airplane geeks, yes, and computer geeks perhaps, but not radio geeks! :wink:

Oh, in the “flights” section, the recent flight reflect what sort of time frame? Perhaps a selector to have the recent flight list time window user selectable, so one could choose to see flights in the last 10 minutes, 30 minutes, last two hours, etc.