Southwest Rapid Rewards. Hassle?


I have 50,000 points on an AMEX card. Want to transfer for 2 round trip tix for Southwest. Question for anyone who can help - How is Southwest as far as being bumped, not getting seats, overall hassle when trying to use these converted FF points. Using it from PBI-MDW or FLL-MDW. Southwest seems the most generous with baggage rules right now, otherwise could use any other airline with the same points. thanks for your help in advance.


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How is Southwest…

I would stick with Southwest; I think they have few restrictions on award travel.


According to Rapid Reward area under American Express. The conversion rate of your Membership Rewards points
to Southwest Rapid Rewards credits is 1,500 per Rapid Reward Credit.
It thus takes 24,000 to get a Rapid Reward “Award”. If you have 50,000 points and you choose to convert to SWA Rapid Rewards, you should have 33 Rapid Reward Credits (16 Rapid Reward Credits become 1 Award) and have 500 points leftover. In the rules, it says that once converted you can’t reverse it. Meaning, you can’t turn Rapid Reward Credits into AXP Membership Reward points. I recommend before you choose to convert, to select the trip you want to make and try to do a walk through to determine if you can use your RR awards for particular flights. If you find that you can’t, then don’t. You can check by going under Book Travel and then under “Rapid Rewards Awards Reservations” to do the checking.


Thanks for the info. In reading their policies, it seems they are very flexible with these rewards ( user friendly ). I called AMEX on Friday to have the points transferrred. This morning, Monday, Southwest has already credited my account with 2 round trip tix.