Southwest Musings

Ya’ll will be glad to know that Southwest buys only the best peanuts. Their peanuts are “processed in a facility that process peanuts and other nuts.” (If you don’t get it at first, read it that last sentence again.)

By the way, it was windy yesterday at LAX! It’s the first time I’ve been in an aircraft (SWA 829 (N216WR) in this case) where I could actually feel the aircraft being pushed to the side of the runway as we took off. It was also very bumpy once we got in the air. I like flying but do NOT like turbulence at all. The flight attendant delayed beverage service due to the turbulence.

The woman in front of us though the flight attendant’s safety briefing was unprofessional. She gave us a briefing that was reminiscent of all briefings I heard prior to 9/11 on Southwest. In other words, it was funny and got the point across.

The flight to LAX on the 21st was in a brand new aircraft. N902WN, operating as SWA230), had been delivered to Southwest just a day earlier.

Edit: Forgot to mention the new boarding procedure: It was GREAT. It worked like a charm on both flights. Best of both worlds - no need to stand in line for an hour or so and we still have open seating.

Personally I hate the cattle drive, and for the price of “Business” I can fly cheaper on Jetblue with TV’s and more comfy seats.

That being said, when I do fly Southworst, I always get an A boarding pass and can’t see why anyone would pay extra just to go to the front of the A line. The premium seems to be very high for what you are getting.

Hell, on Spirit I can fly business class, with a big comfy seat, free drinks and snacks, including preboarding for less money in most cases. And its a real Biz class seat (FAT!).

Southwest sucks, IMHO. Cattle drive, plain and simple.

OH yeah, the peanut gag went straight over my head…anyone care to explain it to the less learned…TIA


I read it that last sentence 5 times - still didn’t get it… :question:

…as opposed to candies / chocolates that are produced in a ’ nut free ’ environment. Kit Kat bars, for example, are produced in a factory that has no other production line in that facility that has products that require nuts or nut byproducts so there is no chance of cross contamination. The reason for the need of a nut free environment has arising because of the relative frequency of nut allergies in the general population. Through this analogy Dami implies that the passengers of SouthWest are also nuts, and are thus proceesed in a facility ( the airport ) that in turns processes nuts as well ( the passengers ).

Dry roasted humour.

Did I spoil the joke yet?

I thought it was a “DOH!” statement. In my experience, most peanuts are processed in a facility that processes peanuts. In other words, the company’s lawyers had them put a “stupid person is going to sue us because we didn’t have a warning that the peanuts were processed in a factory that processes peanuts” statement on their packaging.

I told the flight attendant about the statement. She, and the other 2, thought it was very funny.

Ahhhhhh… so it was an actual warning label on a bag of Southwest peanuts. It would’ve helped if that fact was included above.

I should have added that. If I still have the package, I think I’ll scan it and post it here.

By the way, the peanuts are honey roasted. Why anyone would want to do that to poor defenseless peanuts is beyond me! :smiley:

Their peanuts are “processed in a facility that process peanuts and other nuts.”<<<<<

Maybe the lawyers don’t want the consumer to assume that the factory processes ONLY peanuts, so they warn of the dreaded OTHER nuts.

Maybe those FA’s were warm for your form.

All three were very cute, especially the lead FA.

Guess you had to be there.

Yeah, Southwest peanuts are the best.

On my final flight before landing at my base (Oakland) on Christmas Eve, I was talking to a mother and her son and her son started talking about how airline peanuts are the best peanuts. So, I go into the galley and take out this big bag of peanuts (since this was the last leg of the day/aircraft) and handed to him and said “Happy Holidays!”

Haha…sorry if that was random but I just had to share.

Thats a nice story… that kid will probably always remember that trip.

Please tell me this kid didn’t look like a very angry little cartoon character, did he?

Like this?

I’m allergic to nuts.

I get hives whenver I come to FA! :laughing:

The statement ‘peanuts and other nuts’ I believed to be a pedantic joke. Peanuts aren’t nuts; they are legumes. I guess I was thinking a little too hard about that one.

My 5yo daughter loves airplane peanuts too. I think it’s just the mini packages. I have to bring home the miniature bottles of water too.

Lancasterperch: From what I’ve read (do a search on Google), the percentage of people allergic to peanuts and nuts ranges from less than 1% to about 2% of the population. One study even said the rate was going down.

What’s funny is that I’ve been on flights where 1 person was allegedly allergic to peanuts so only pretzels were served. What’s funny is that the pretzels were made in a facility that also processed peanuts and nuts.

Mkiogima: Good one! :slight_smile:

Correct Dami, but this 1-2% have in many cases required that a peanut free environment be maintained.

With children, it has become increasing important for parent to read label just in case there is someone at an activity / event that ’ may ’ be allergic to peanuts.

Take a look next time your at the supermarket and see all the product that advertise themselves as peanut free.

I think the world has overreacted to peanut allergies. Don’t forget all the other life threatening allergies that are not catered to like shellfish for example.

Soon the only safe thing to do will be to not eat or drink anything and put your head in a plastic bag so you won’t breath the air.

I agree with you 100%.

When it comes to airliners, there’s no need to eliminate peanuts for the entire aircraft for just one person. The air is recirculated so it should be possible for there to be no peanut dust or whatever it is that causes the allergy to be isolated to seats away from the allergic person.

What I think is funny is that a person will get on board an aircraft that has had peanuts served on it throughout the day and not have a reaction. Aircraft are not usually deep cleaned during the course of a day’s flights so there is peanut dust all over the aircraft.

How the world has changed, we now worry about PEANUT DUST

Wonder how many non-smoking FA’s have come down with lung cancer from the old days???

If you’re allergic to peanuts, don’t eat them. If the residual dust will set you off, wear a mask. But please don’t deny the other 168 people thier peanuts…it’s all we have left.

I think a lot.

In other words, the company’s lawyers had them put a “stupid person is going to sue us because we didn’t have a warning that the peanuts were processed in a factory that processes peanuts” statement on their packaging.

Actually, many of these outrageous so-called “warnings” are manufactured by the corporations themselves. They’re out and out fiction. It’s all in a propaganda war to convince the public that all of the country’s problems can be tied to lawyers and their dumb-ing down of the citizenry. The hope being that voters will approve restrictions on lawsuits in an effort to “reign in the out-of-control legal system.” Once that is accomplished, the offending corporations no longer have to concern themselves with providing a safe product or service. They are immunized. To their credit, it’s a very savvy approach and it’s working.