swa out of LAX

anyone flown out of LAX on Southwest Airlines recently? I’m doing that in about 3 weeks and have never flown out of the massive LAX before. Im flying direct to MCI leaving at about 730, being dropped off at the terminal (one).

i reckon that post should have been put in the fractional section…MY BAD!

I’m plenty glad NOT flying for NetJets.

What was the point of that post. Mr. Buffett took a big axe to Flight Safety though.

Okay…good for your brother. :unamused: But otherwise…

Unions are awesommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Maybe this should be placed in the employees break room at your local Walmart, then we’ll see how much Mr Buffett likes unions.


maybe…and not to sound rude…this topic as the op said ought to be locked and moved to the correct place…NETJETS has nothing to do with the part 121 airline world…now if we want to spin this into a pro / anti union debate I believe I had a topic about this before and it was a short lived debate. 8)

found it:


I may be wrong, but I believe Wazzu was using a literary device known as sarcasm

i apologize for placing this in the airline forum. This was nothing more than little brother (me) bragging about his big brother. I will be much more careful about what I post in the future…

No sweat here boss…I could see it going down a different trail :wink:

I am so busted! :laughing:

I want a union. At home. To negotiate terms with my wife.

Good luck!

u want a union? head out to the Pacific…the Union Pacific
they can handle it… 8)

As a railroader, I can say I get that one! :wink: