Southwest and their Rapid Reward problems?

Are they losing as many customers as their Facebook wall would lead you to believe or will they get new customers to replace them?

I doubt it’s impacting their business much.

Most of the customers they’re losing are probably extreme cheapskates anyway (complaining they no longer get full credit for their $49 OAK-BUR or MCO-FLL flight) so they don’t really have much impact to their bottom line.

  1. The change rewards their best customers.

  2. Where is the $50 crowd going to go? Spirit?

It wasn’t only people taking vacations that used the lowest fares.
In my company hundreds of employees travel between northern and southern California. The airline they are required to use is Southwest. People are told that if at all possible they are to use the advanced purchase fares.

The new system is ticking off a lot of frequent SWA passengers.

Simple, to the point and correct. +1