Best Frequent Flyer Program

I think Continental OnePAss is the best out there now, but it’s not leading on my favorite list by far. I also like my NWA WorldPerks becasue they give you miles for signing up and also they have offers if you do this or that they just give you miles. I have over 5000 miles and i have recieved most of the miles through sign ups and offers than flying.

I think the only FF program i’m not signed up with is Delta Skymiles, and that’s probably good for the condition of the airline right now.

I love SWA. I don’t fly allot by most American standars, but none the less I have received one free trip in the past two years, and my wife is about to get one free rt after our trip this August. I have also gotten 8 credits (only takes 16 for a RT) for adding another phone line to my NEXTEL account. So, that is my vote.

The nice thing about SWA’s Rapid Rewards program is that you can fly 16 one-way short trips (e.g. OAK/LAX) and get an award for a long trip (e.g. OAK/FLL). They also now allow rewards to be taken on ATA services, including Hawaii.

I’ve got about 300k DL Skymiles, should I worry about losing them? :question:

You probably should start planning a vacation soon. I would because you don’t know where that airline is going in the coming months. 300k is a lot to lose. :open_mouth: so you better not chance it. Take the wife on a vacation or visit friends or I think you could purchase items with the miles. Like a HD TV or a surround sound system.