United Upgrade

Rejoice, finally United is coming to the real world on upgrades, I’m elite, just got email that starting next spring, United will automatically upgrade, no need for miles or certificates! Looks like they are following Continental lead since their mileage programs merge in a couple of weeks.
And upgrades automatic system wide including Hawaii and overseas versus programs like Delta. I was about to abondon them, but with this news, all I have to say is “it’s about time”. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You’ve misunderstood their announcements. The mileage programs are not merging in a few weeks; Mileage Plus and OnePass will remain separate. The unlimited upgrade opportunities is only domestic (maybe Region 1, unclear), not system wide. Aside from the odd swap, UAL runs domestic configured planes to Hawaii, unlike some other carriers that send intl configured planes on their 7+ hour flights.

Even as a 1K, this change sucks. Yea I’ll clear on the odd 2 hour domestic segment I didn’t have the e500s to burn on, but no more CR1s or P.S. upgrades? Ugh.

While I don’t doubt your info, I based my info on United email send out, and it clearly showed differences of programs. On the merge, I meant honoring each others mileage programs, and having talked to a Continental One Pass representative, the courtesy extented to each others program would offer more reciprocal benefits than the Sky Team alliance did.
While it might suck for you, based on my travel (I’m 1K also), a see a hugh benefit for the business traveling that I fly.

Here’s the chart.

Perhaps you’re confusing the ability to earn unlimited SWUs (2 per 50k EQM) with the unlimited domestic upgrades?