Just a heads up regarding Delta ( you might already know)


I typically fly Alaska I just prefer the airlines. I am flying back as I type from Atlanta on Delta flight 979 to Seattle.( I love gogo Internet). When I originally booked my reservation I wanted to fly from PDX to MCO but couldn’t make the right connections so I went with Delta. I booked a first class RT and flew out the 15th. Imagine my surprise when I attempted to enter the Sky Lounge and was informed first class doesn’t gain you entry to the sky lounge. I had to buy a 30 day pass. Which I did as my lay overs were long and I had work to do.

When I fly Alaska, United or American if you buy a first class ticket you ate allowed in their lounge.

Deltas 767 seats aren’t as comfortable as their 757 seats either.

Okay I m done griping:)



Domestic first doesn’t get you lounge access with any major US carrier, except for the LAX/SFO-JFK markets (United P.S., etc).


An AMEX Platinum card gains you complimentary access to Admirals Clubs, Sky Clubs and US Airways Clubs around the world regardless of whether you’re flying on the associated airline. In addition you can enroll for a free Priority Pass Membership that gives you access to approx. 600 airport lounges around the world whenever you fly, regardless of airline or class of travel.

If you can’t raise the bridge, lower the river!


I like that quote.


Can you provide me that CC# the expiration date and the 3 dig. Code on the back of the card?
I only want to use it to get in to the admirals club :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s only $450/yr for the Platinum. Get your lovely wife to buy you one for Christmas. Tell her nothing’s to good for her man!