So few big jets....


This is probably an obvious observation, but I remember as kid (70’s-80’s) there were so many more wide-body aircraft being flown within the United States…L-1011’, DC-10’s, 747’s - making most of the east coast - west runs…now the regional jets and 737-700’s and 800’s are making many (not all) of those routes…even many flights to Hawaii by 737’s –

…I miss seeing big jets at the airports :frowning:

…Big hubs still have them, but still seems like not as many as before, the price of JET A prolly has something to do with it…duh -


The airlines are “right sizing” aircraft.
People, especially business travellers, tend to want more frequent flights spread throughout the day.

There are still many large aircraft flying coast-to-coast, depending on your definition of large. To me, it’s aircraft of the B757/A320 size and up.


I’ve only heard of one 37 flying to HA and that was a delivery flight for Air China. I see 47, 57s, and 67s flying to HA but no 37s.


I am going to double check and edit this if I need to, but I do know there is a flight from SNA to KOA that when I saw the aircraft at the gate, it was a 37. Can’t remember if it is Aloha airlines or not, but I am going to look into it.

Here it is. Flys out on Weds…

12:27p 8:36p Aloha Airlines (AQ) 486 Non-Stop 73G 7


Not exactly but close enough.


Aloha 483, type B737/Q, does daily service from SNA to Kahului (PHOG). I also see a few ATA B738’s doing service from LAX and Ontario to Honolulu.


Aloha flies 737-700’s to Hawaii from the mainland in regularly scheduled service.

See Aloha Airlines’ for more information.


I dunno, flying to PHOG or PHNL - in a small 737-700 or 800…5+ hours…yuck!

…I have flown the 767-300’s and MD11’s there…although I always seem to miss the occasional 777 they fly from KSFO to PHNL…annoying!


You are obviously young. There was a time when ALL flights were single aisle aircraft. People survived.

The 737’s cabin width is identical to that of the 707.

What difference does 2 aisles make? If you are on the side of the plane where the flight attendants are serving beverages and over-priced meals, you’re blocked in anyway.

If you are in the middle section of the plane, you may be able to roam the aisles but you still have to return to the dreaded non-windows middle seats when you return.


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Lots of 737 service to Hawaii, from as far away as Vancouver, BC on WestJet. there’s one airborne now

Surprising SWA or Alaska don’t take over this market from the west coast.


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