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Single aircraft under multiple flight numbers?

I was tracking British Airways flight 286 (SFO>London Heathrow) while monitoring SFO tower today (using LiveATC.net) but never heard flight 286 cleared for takeoff even while I watched it depart using FlightTracker. Is it possible that the aircraft in question (Boeing 747-400) could have been operating under more than one flight number? I can’t figure out why I never heard it being cleared for takeoff.


It appears the tail # is G-BNLK. Last flight prior to SFO - EGLL was EGLL- SFO as a turn around flight. The day before it went on a turnaround JFK-EGLL. Maybe the reason you didn’t here it’s clearance is that it is still at EGLL? Out of service or service unlisted from 4/23 - 5/13.
Hope that helps.