Flight number discrepancy

Every evening British Airways has a 747-400 depart KBOS to EGLL around 6:00PM. I take it often and like to track it from time to time to see how it’s operating. On the BA and Massport websites they list it as Speedbird 212, I have a ticket on it in two weeks and that say’s 212 as well. For some reason Flight Aware comes up with a BA 777 from KBOS to LHR on March 24th when I plug in that flight to track.


I was able to find the flight in question listed as BAW45B


I was wondering why the discrepancy? Is it due to codesharing with AA or some similar reason?

No big deal here but I figured if anybody would know I would find them here…

Sometimes airlines will use alternate numbers to avoid confusion with similarly numbered flights, or other segments of the same flight (that may be operated simultaneously during irrops). BAW seems to do it more than anyone else, but I’ve also seen SKW and UAL do it.
In this case, it’s probably to avoid confusion with BAW112, which leaves NYC about an hour later and may be on some of the same frequencies over the pond.

Thank You!

And if your out spotting on the 25th I’ll be sure to wave :wink:

And since your also from Boston do you happen to know if John Henry blocked his plane from being tracked because they kept posting it’s whereabouts on bostondirtdogs.com during the Dice K negotiations?


I have no idea why John Henry blocked his plane, but it has been blocked since early this year. And being a recent transplant to Boston, I really don’t pay much attention to the Sox anyway.