Setup flight alerts issue


Since the flight alerts interface has been changed, I’m not able to setup my alerts correctly.

For example, with the old interface, I was able to set this alert :

Flight number : blank
Origin : blank
Destination : CYVO
Aircraft : B762

Result alert : Any flight is arriving CYVO and flying B762 equipment

Now, I’m not able to leave blank flight number, origin, destination…

If I try, I have this error message : “error : bad or missing flight number”

I’m very unhappy with the new interface… I want the old interface back! :stuck_out_tongue:



Also we are not able to customize the alerts sent to Facebook anymore. I don’t want it to send everything. I would like to be able to select my specific alerts for Facebook just as I am able to select them for my email.


Thanks guys, I’ve reported both issues to the development team.


Mduell - was it odd to have a bug report about alerts not filled with angry emoticons and more helpful info on the problem than griping???