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Why we didn't get update of flight event if i SetAlert?

When we set alert using API, we have alertid from flight aware when we set alert. We are monitoring flight and found that flight were late by 35min, but you didn’t send notification. we try to get information of alert by API FlightAlertEntry and we found below response from flight aware:

“alert_id”: 29813366,
“enabled”: true,
“description”: “IndiGo #2126”,
“type”: “Form_Airline”,
“ident”: “IGO2126-1557897983-airline-0277”,
“user_ident”: “”,
“aircrafttype”: “”,
“origin”: “”,
“destination”: “”,
“date_start”: 0,
“date_end”: 0,
“channels”: [
“channel_id”: 16,
“channel_name”: “FlightXML push”,
“mask_summary”: “meetingFlight”,
“e_filed”: true,
“e_departure”: true,
“e_arrival”: true,
“e_diverted”: true,
“e_cancelled”: true,
“target_address”: “Cablrtechnologly”
“alert_created”: 1558089972,
“alert_changed”: 1558089972

So, why are you not updating us for flight delay? even your site shows updated information as well

Our records indicate that you created that alert with SetAlert at 2019-05-17 10:46:12 UTC.

However, that particular flight had an actual departure time of 2019-05-17 10:40:00 UTC (before the time you created the alert), even though it was late.

In general, you should try to create an alert for the flight you are interested in before the flight is scheduled to depart.

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Hello Bovineone

Okay, understood.