Can't set alerts for all flights by a carrier to one airport

(Is there somewhere I should upload screenshots?)

I’d like to have an alert for all flights by Edelweiss Air AG scheduled to KSAN. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a bug with the alert-setting system.

In Part 1 (Tell us which flight), I choose the radio button for Airline/Flight Number, fill in Edelweiss Air AG in the Airline Name, and use the Advanced Options to set KSAN as the destination. The green checkmark appears next to Edelweiss Air AG, and I set the alert without any errors.

Sadly, the alert shows up in My Alerts as “Registration/Tail # EDW To KSAN”.

Furthermore, if I edit the alert, the radio button for “Tail” is automatically preset, EDW is prepopulated in the text field, and the red X for invalid appears.

If I use the edit feature to fix the alert to be Airline/Flight Number instead of Tail, the change doesn’t stick. Likewise, if I try to set a new, correct alert, the system also throws an error.

I’m having the exact same problem with my alerts for GTI, CKS, and CFG.

Update: After exchanging email with a member of the FlightAware staff, my issue has been resolved.

Same thing happening with me! And my issue is not resolved :frowning: