Seems kind of funny to photshop the N# off the airplane pic

And then tag the picture under the correct N# … tes/page/3

seems suspicious to me. :confused:

I think that is all you can see of the N#, the Caravan with floats gets a mini “Constellation” tail (my description, not Wiplines). Looks like the end of the registration is blocked not shopped.
good picture here: … ations.php

John in Saudi

P.S. I’m not sure who that is pulled up to the back of my boat.

You’re right. I didn’t think of that. They modify by putting an additional vertical stabilizer outboard on each Horizontal stabilizer.
The photo by Alfredo La Marca - SpotIT on A.Net shows it. Even the three little spits are there which show up if you know they’re there in the picture in question. … a489c9cda6


I’ve fueled that plane. Its owned by a local property tycoon

Hey there monkey!
On the wipaire site they talk about single port fueling. How does that work? I’m under the possibly mistaken impression that in the high wing cessnas the fuel tanks are in the wings and they are gravity fed. But the fuel port appears to be on the bottom of the aircraft. Just curious.

Oh and said property tycoon must be pretty good at picking properties cause (unless I’m mistaked once again) that yacht belongs to the same owner.

it’s on the Left main strut. or actually like behind the left main strut.

They probably did it for security reasons.

Did what? As previously stated the N number is only blocked by the Connie tail. … 1414958/M/

Ah yes, you are so correct…better get new glasses…

As stated before it the SRP is on the fuselodge behind the strut.

Yes this guy is loaded, thats his new yacht designed for his “needs.” The caravan is his latest purchase, he also owns a hawker 400, 4000, cessna 310 warbird conversion, and a cessna 206, and 172. His 4000 was the first delivery to a customer (in 2005), although it was under the condition that HB was allowed to fly is as a demo plane. It crapped out at NBAA and he just got it back last year. He also owns a company which restores warbirds and builds kits (a while back they did an amazing job on a T28).