photo appearing on my page is not my plane

someone nicely posted a fine photo of my old Cirrus when it was still N415MM. however, that N number was held by me and is now applied to my TBM. i have posted a boring photo of the “new” N415MM. how can i get that to appear or even the old one to disappear?

The displayed photo is based on votes. Vote the TBM up and the Cirrus down and the correct picture should display soon.

I voted for the new photo John, can I get a ride now? :wink:

I voted for the newbie too. Tell us all about it!

being ignorant, now i need to figure out how to vote! gee … good thing i am not a “chicago politician”. they know how to buy votes!

bought the new TBM last month and had the experience of a lifetime flying it from Targes France to it’s new home in Indiana. Scotland, greenland, iceland, newfoundland, bangor, muncie. my ass hurt but i was still grinnin’

When you’re viewing a single photo, click on the dots under the image to vote.

You just click on the picture and click the appropriate “bubble” (1-5) on what you think the photo is worth - I went ahead and gave it a 5 as well. Awesome plane - you picked it up at the factory? I can’t even begin to imagine what that feels like!

or how much it set you back…$$$$$$ :laughing:

Gave you a vote…puuuurty bird.

Seems such a shame to vote down such a great (air-to-air) shot of the Cirrus. That really is a cool photo. But if doing so gets the image of the correct plane to show, I will do it.