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How to change your airplane photo?

I sold our plane last summer and we are now flying another. We are using the same N-number and I would like to change the photo that comes up when the plane is brought up on Flightaware. I figured out how to up load photos, just not how to change the one for my plane. Any help would be great.

The thumbnail on the tracking page is based on votes. Vote up the photo of the new bird.

Post a link to the photo, I’ll vote for it :wink:

I was about to say that. :smiley: I’ll vote for it also!

Only needed 2 votes to resolve: flightaware.com/photos/aircraft/ … tes/page/1

Nice upgrade!

OK…I give up. How do you vote for a picture?

log in, in the photos section (you must log in also) select the pic of your liking, look at the little blank or possibly colored green circles under the pic where it says “No votes yet. Vote:” Move the cursor over the circle that you feel is warranted to your liking and click!

And wella! MAGIC!!! :smiley:

Hello all,

I am in a similar situation to the OP except in this case a pic has the most votes of a plane that no longer owns the n-number. I need 10 votes to make this pic the one that displays. Can you all take a sec and vote it up?