How to update Aircraft N number to my account

Hi All,

I’ve Google and could not find the answer on how to update FLightaware aircraft N number to my account. I have acquired the Aircraft last December
and Flighaware is still showing the previous owner picture.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Pictures don’t get updated just because of a change in registration. In fact there are plenty of pictures not only here but all over the interweb with outdated information due to a change in ownership or even a change in N#.

If you have uploaded a new photograph of your aircraft I can switch it out for you. Please send me a link of the picture you would like to see as the main picture and I will change it for you.

While you’re at it could you tell the rest of us the algorithm for deciding the “main” picture?

I’m curious as to why quite often the one shown is the crappiest available :wink: .

It’s a combination of the number of votes and number of stars.