Set an uploaded photo specifically to an aircraft?

So I just uploaded a couple of photos: … tes/page/1 … tes/page/1

I was hoping that after I uploaded them and set the correct reg #'s, they would automatically show up on the flight tracking page for that aircraft. Well, it didnt work. Was wondering if someone could explain for me how to do this myself or if a superior could do it. The first photo should be set for N900AU and the second one should be set for N917AU. Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, figured out it just needed to have one vote for it to show up as the picture!

If you search on the N-number, the photos now match up properly to that aircraft.

But the tracking activity shows that the last flight was 32 weeks ago.

If the aircraft is actively being used, the company is probably filing flight plans with a flight number instead of an n-number (like the airlines do).

Nice photos, btw!

Ya, these are air tankers, and they don’t file flight plans very often. Thanks for the reply though!

Okay - looking at a Delta B738 (Flight 695 for example), a lower ranking photo is displayed, which shows many different planes in the image which is somewhat confusing. A higher ranking photo of a Delta 738 exists, but is not displayed. Just wondering why, and if this can be fixed.

Awesome photos. Love the P-3! :slight_smile:

The airline has not been tagged in bisenberg’s photo.

When I try to upload a pic of my son-in-law’s C170, it says the thumbnail has been uploaded but then it disappears.

Also, using flight tracking for the this a/c, it shows as a C172

It’s N4401V

I had a similar problem. It may not be yours but the picture has to be at least 640x480 or there abouts.

The most recent flight was entered as a 172, either by the person filing the flight plan or the controller.