Hundreds and hundreds of needless anonymous photos?

Ok, I know this may be a gripe that is not shared by everyone. But here goes:

There are some photographers who are adding hundreds of photos a week to this website who do not take the time to add any data whatsoever. No airport. No aircraft type. No reg number. WHY?

Without a registration number, the photo will never appear when the flight is being tracked.

In most of these photos the reg number is clearly visible, yet the photographer cannot take the time to enter it into the correct field?

When I track flights and there’s a blank placeholder saying “upload photo now”, there are often many photos of that aircraft in the database. But the only way you’ll ever find them is by accident.

I like the fact that FlightAware isn’t uptight about screening photos. But there’s a lot of unlabeled, non-described stuff being uploaded.

I think there’s two reasons why:

  • Many people are not really that computer literate and, even though they use a computer everyday, they don’t take the time to learn how to do something.

  • Just plain laziness coupled with conceit. They want to post their pictures and they just know thy are the best pictures in the world so why bother entering the data. They know it’s obvious what it is.

Both of these - computer illiterate and laziness also account for what I consider to be way too many people who ask questions on the forum that, had they taken a moment, are answered in the FAQs and/or in a posting that could be found by using the search feature above.

And what’s with the non-aviation photos? I’ve seen cars, kids, even the proverbial kitchen sink.

I agree, there’s been some accident photos, or odd aircraft that you’d really like to know a little more about, or at least have enough info to research it a bit, but there’s nothing.