weekly photos

I would like to see more info posted with the weekly selection of photos. Many of these pics are excellent but as a dedicated, life-long aviation buff I’m often frustrated when there is no accompanying information on 1)the speciafic aircraft 2) the exact location, 3) the circumstances of the photo.
If others out there feel as I do, let’s let FlightWare know.

Are you talking about the pictures posted by FlightAware members? If so then you need to get people to give the information when they upload the pictures.

The fact that this site lets people upload almost any photo into the database is a welcome relief to some photographers who don’t want to go through tough screening processes that exist on other sites. If the photos on this site were heavily screened, or the forums moderated, it would be a very different place.

I can relate to the frustration mentioned by garyjh above. While I’m not in favor of ‘screening’ photos for quality, I would support the idea of making a few of the *data *fields mandatory.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of photos where the registration number is plainly visible in the photo, but the user didn’t take the time to enter it into the field. Those photos then aren’t associated with corresponding tracking activity which is what this site is all about.

Yes, I was speaking of the photos posted by members. I agree that many sites have high standards for the pics they post and, generally, I agree with them. As a professional photographer, I value a quality image. But I was thinking more of basic information. Obviously, if a reg. number is clearly visible in the photo, there’s probably no need to repeat it in a field. But when the photo is particularly eye catching, whether it be because of the lighting, the action taking place, the unusual paint job or any other factor that stands out, it should be mentioned. At a minimum, I would suggest each photo carry: place, date, a/c reg number where necessary, and a one or two sentence explanation of the photo, especially if it is out of the ordinary, such as a hard landing, near miss, special flight or other pertinent facts.
Not a criticism, just a suggestion to make the pictures more meaningful.
Anybody out there agree with me?
Gary Hebbard

Hey Gary. Have you ever posted any photos on FlightAware?

Hey will744,
Nope, not yet, but I plan to when I get a minute.

Good deal.

Not always possible. As an example, I uploaded some pictures a couple of weeks ago. It was not possible for me to be able to enter the airport the picture was taken at because I didn’t have that information.

While I encourage all to enter information on the picture being uploaded, I don’t think it should be required. What I would like to see, though, is a free-form field for the operator. Many of the pictures I uploaded were of airlines no longer in existence. Had I put in a three letter code it probably would not match the airline in the picture.