Many times I see a great photo, but there is no description on the aircraft, where it was taken, or other details,
When a photo is uploaded, there is room to put in all this information if the person will just take tne time.


I’m a commercial airline/aircraft hobbyist, ATC monitor, photo collector, etc. Yes, the lack of information on the photos is kind of like a passionate kiss, then your girl turns and walks away.

I, too, realize that posting the supporting data is wholly dependent on the photographer/poster, so I guess all I’m doing now is to just encourage the posters to include what information you have, even if it is incomplete info.

Thanks for helping.

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I get the feeling a lot of people just upload for vanity purposes. They don’t care that others may enjoy the details, they just want to have their pictures posted.


To be fair, there is an intermittent bug with the photo uploading. Sometimes the information (tags) simply disappear, other times the upload interface jumps back a page when the first “add” is clicked. The userid always seems to gets recorded though so the photo can be found via a userid/latest search and the tags updated there.