Photos posted with no aircraft type info


Does anyone else get annoyed when photo posters upload pics with little or no info? It should be obligatory to at least give the type of equipment and the location, yes?


It should also be obligatory for the photog to actually know what type of plane they took a pic of. This crap with (example) a 767-300 pic tagged with A320 has got to go 8)


Isn’t there an admin who monitors the posts of pix?


The way the software is designed the photo is uploaded before the information. It may be that some don’t know how or what the boxes to the right are for and it is also possible for a system crash/internet glitch to occur before the rest of the data is entered.

Happened to me before I figured out (with help) how to put it in afterwards. As for wrong identification, not much to say about that ! Monitoring the uploads would be a fulltime job but you could always PM the ‘offending’ photographer.

ETA: Another possibility is the pre-filling of the tags (by FA) is plain/plane wrong. Case in point: I just uploaded N227WE and FA auto-tagged it as a Falcon 20. It’s been an Legacy since 2007 according to the FAA database.