Photo Tagging


One thing I hate worse than photos that have nothing to do with aviation is aviation photos without any info attached. :angry: PLEASE TAG YOUR PHOTOS!!! We all would like to be able to tell what type of aircraft it is or where it was taken. Thank you to all who do. :smiley:


here here :smiley:


I am having trouble with the caption whenever I upload a photo. Whenever I add a tail number, the caption disappears. Has anybody besides me encountered this problem?


After adding caption try hitting ‘enter’ button on key board, or try entering the a/c & airport info in boxes and save then go back and enter the caption.


Yes, hitting enter works every time. Now how do we get a picture attached to a particular tail number/registration number? I have tried and tried to upload to N239AE. The photo is in the data base under that tail number.


That’s weird, it’s tagged correctly, it should show under N239AE tracking page, must be a bug in the system?

edit, it’s there now.