Airliner photos on flight tracking page

Good afternoon from FlightAware!

Every since the launch of FlightAware Photos (over 45,000 photos now!), we’ve shown the best available photo of a private aircraft on that plane’s flight tracking page (view example).

However, we’ve only been showing an airline’s logo when tracking airline flights. Today, we’re proud to announce a new feature – we’ll be showing the best, most relevant photo of an airplane to represent airline flights. To be displayed, a photo will have to be tagged to the correct airline, aircraft type, and be voted (by users) to be the highest quality photo available.

Not only will this showcase some of our best submitted content, but it will also help users learn about airplanes that they’re not familiar with.


If you have some great airliner photos, please upload them now and they’ll be on the photos section, your profile page, and possibly the FlightAware newsletter & flight tracking page! Even if you don’t have any photos to upload, you can browse the photos and vote on your favorites to influence the selection process.

Thanks for using FlightAware!

P.S. If you haven’t ready about our other announcements this month, you can read about our new map views, Google Earth support, and FlightAware on Twitter.