I was wondering if in the future would there be pics of the planes that people track. Example- if i were to type in JBU52 in the Flight/tail# when the page comes up with all the info on it maybe in the corner there could be a pic that airlines plane and you could click on it to see it. Most of the time i will have the google page up at the same time but that makes the computer run slower. If any of this is confusing tell me please.

Can someone tell me what they think of this idea.

Kind of a neat idea to have the picture of your plane. I think I would like that.

Thanks for replying hopefully others will think the same way.

Not a bad idea. Maybe if there is not enough room on the tracking page, you could put a link near the web site link that already is available. Although you can’t get the exact registration, you could just display a picture of a generic Delta 737, for example. The only problem is that you would have to figure out which web database you would get the photos from.

well if people look into it im sure there will be ways. And yes i know you can’t get the exact picture but if you get an idea that helps a lot more then no picture at all :laughing:

We’re going to add a picture interface that is modular and supports aircraft type pictures as well as airport and airport business pictures so it can be used for live tracking examples as well as the resources section.

Thank you Daniel! Will we be able to upload pictures from our computer or will it have to be from an internet site such as

You’ll be able to upload from your local system or from a URL although definitely all pictures will have to be free/fair use or photos that you took yourself so that we don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright.

Think this would be kewl if I could upload a pic of my plane and get it associated with my tailnumber.

Could this be possible, like have a link to thie picture in the page somehow in that page?

Talk about getting the real deal :stuck_out_tongue:

I can send a pic if you want Daniel so you can play with it.


So are you saying if i were to take a picture of a plane at btv and up load it onto this site you will put it as a picture when someone types in that plane or just the type of plane. I know im not a pro at taking pics but if its desent you will put it on the site? :smiley: Hopefully something happens soon.

So is there any news about the whole pictures? because right now i’m looking at a Northwest Airline CRJ-200 on google and it makes the computer slower, i have a friend traveling at 4pm to Detroit then Texas today, his oldest bro is graduating the airforce training to be a firefighter hope it goes good kid.