how do I remove a photo I posted on my plane?


I posted a picture so that everytime I pull up my tail number to track my plane the same picture comes up. How do I remove it so that the picture stops coming up?


Post a link to it here and request it be deleted.

#3 … N5630J;o=0


Hmmmm, cocktail party?


Five Attaboys for owning a Mooney M20, one Ahshit for choice of photo! :unamused:


What’s wrong with the photo? I looked at it, saw the champagne, and thought here’s a person very proud of an aircraft he just bought or just checked out in.

As most pilots are responsible, I figured the person in the picture wouldn’t be flying until it was legal to fly after drinking.


Just had bought the plane and flew it home. 4 of us bought the plane so I figure it was best not to leave the picture of myself up only. Booze did not happen until after the wheels where on the ground :laughing:


FAR 91.17

This was, of course, a **post-flight **photo… right?

Edit: Confirmed by post directly above. :wink:


Congrats on a beautiful aircraft. Hope you have lots more fun and toasts coming.