Deleting a photo


I am trying to delete a photo that I uploaded that only half of the photo uploaded. I can’t seem to find where to delete it. It is tail #N172US.





Any chance I can get this one deleted? … N404;o=169




I too am having a similar problem - tail # n995dp - I managed to delete from the general “photo’s” however when you do a search for the tail number to track a flight, the photo still appears almost like an avatar. Any way to delete this?






I have tried to view all of the photos that I have submitted by clicking on photos and going to custom:FlightAware username, but my whole username will not fit in that box, and it doesn’t bring up my photos. Is there any other way to pull up all of the photos I have posted all at once?


Oops, I’ll get that box expanded. You can see all of your photos at


Thank you very much again for the speedy response!!!


can you please delete this photo?? … 638388;o=1


Thank you very much for fixing that!!!


I don’t know how to delete the photo I put on, the tail number is N5469K, can someone help me delete it.


Can someone please delete this photo? … tes/page/1

It was uploaded in correctly and needs to be rotated clockwise.