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Delete Uploaded Photo Due to Site Bug

How do I delete a photo I uploaded? People have been talking about this for like 8 years, surely there is a way to do this by now.

I uploaded two photos that were flipped upside down by the site. How can I delete and reupload and prevent the site from screwing them up again?

See following:

I do not belive there is a way to delete any photos off from Flightaware. I couldn’t find anything about it in the FAQs. I’m thinking maybe you must send an email to their support team…


Or you may also ‘submit on the web’ here

I personally see no reason to delete these two photos you’ve linked.

There is this.

I too am having a similar problem. I managed to delete from the general “photo’s” however when you do a search for the tail number to track a flight, the photo still appears almost like an avatar. Any way to delete this?