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Deleting photos?

I recently posted some photos and i’d like to delete one… but can’t seem to find any sort of delete option…

Also, is there any way to choose which photo actually shows up when you first look up the aircraft? The one that pops up I am not pleased with (N2172U) , and of course that is the one I am trying to get rid of… The in-flight one is the one I am trying to get to appear in the thumbnail when you first search the tail number. :confused:

Any feedback is very much appreciated!


As mentioned many, many times in this forum (use the search link above), this is the place to ask for a picture to be removed.

Also mentioned many, many times here is how a picture is displayed. The one that gets the most votes gets shown with the aircraft.

In the interest of keeping the high quality of this website, and with the knowledge that it is probably nigh impossible to keep track of all 51,000+ and growing (at least if I have anything to do with it) cache of pictures. Not to mention the importance of compliance with the FlightAware Photo License Agreement.

Please review and delete my posts of these two aircraft N122Y, and N520DG I believe that I uploaded them without removing/editing my copyright from another site.

Thank you! I will repost them as soon as I get the word this is done.

You can upload the unwatermarked version any time. I’ve deleted those two but something went awry and they’re still showing on the flight pages.

No poblem, I’ll vote them away…I hope.

N122Y looks good, still need to upload and tag the photo of N520DG.

There was a previous photo of N122Y that should suffice. I’m wondering if I want to upload the other. N520DG I’ve got a few pics of her and want to do her justice I might not want to upload the same heat wave effected pic. I’ll decide in the next day or two.

N520DG is uploaded and look great!

Thanks guys. didn’t know that.

and Dami, I’m aware it probably was mentioned on here quite a bit, but it takes awhile to rummage, and new members aren’t too familiar with discussion boards; I’m not even that familiar with my college ones yet.
If there’s underlying sarcasm, I don’t appreciate that much; If it’s not, then I apologize and again, thanks for the help!

Happy flying all,

please remove my photo


Please delete this photo:

Please delete the two following pictures I uploaded (I have replaced them with better quality versions):


I include the below information for others who may have problems, as I could not immediately find this info in the forum: my original pictures showed up posted with the black levels compressed / crushed and/or gamma point wrong even though they appeared normal on the Upload page. I had shot the pictures on a Nikon D600 in Raw/NEF, imported them into Apple Photos (rev 5.0), and then exported the JPG with quality maximum and the Color Profile as Original. This seems to cause problems not only on this web site, but several others. It looks like changing Color Profile to Most Compatible during the export resolves the issue.

The requested photos have been removed.

Please delete both photos of N4FZ. I wish to upload a differnt one.