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Deleting photos?

Please remove the following photos of mine.

Hello. I am the owner of N700SS and I noticed that someone that I don’t know posted a photo of the airplane with themself in the photo. Can I request that the photo be removed? It’s the photo with the family in it and the guy has on an orange shirt. Thanks

Can you please delete this photo? I accidentally uploaded my friends picture and was not mine to share

Please delete the following photos….

Removed as requested.

Removed as requested

We are only able to remove photos that were uploaded via your account.

Thx Cody, I can understand that. However, I own this airplane and would like to remove all the pictures that other people have posted.


Please delete this photo

Please delete the following photo:

@czoom the photo has been deleted as requested.

@flymariner6 Photo deleted as requested.

Please delete the following photo of mine:

@pserranob The photo has been removed as requested.

Could you please delete this photo? FlightAware doesn’t seem to support exif rotation metadata so it is showing up as rotated. I will reupload with it rotated correctly. I would rather reupload than fix the rotation because it’s been downvoted.


@HardyBM The photo has been removed as requested.

Could you delete the following, uploaded them sideways.

Please delete my photo here: Photo of Cessna Skyhawk (N2113J) - FlightAware (or fix the orientation)
Please create a way for us to do this ourselves!!