Delete photo I uploaded

Also, I have several pics of N28FD that are duplicates, or very similar. Would like to be able to delete the ones that are not as good. :laughing:

Post links to the ones you want deleted.

i too have pictures i would like to delete

Above post didn’t specify where to post requested link(s) to be deleted, but here it is; please delete:

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.com



here is the picture i would like deleted … N440TC;o=0


could i have this 1 deleted as well … =N92KW;o=0


Deja vu…
and again…

My internet connection apparently blanked out mid-transfer leaving a corrupted photo. Please delete: … ord977;o=3

It’s gone

Thank you.

Similar problem with:;user=concord977;o=6

Please delete, thanks.

That one was removed as well

Someone posted this photo on our airplane, but this is not the plane. N550TF is a Citation CJ. Please delete this photo & send message to submiter not to play with this.

Thanks, … N550TF;o=0

To the FlightAware Staff-

If a pic is uploaded and has posted, but the plane’s owner did not authorize it, can it be removed?

No – unless the aircraft owner owns the photo, too.

We have had a lot of inquiries about this question…

If a photo is uploaded, and the aircraft owner did not authorize this, can it be removed?

The answer is no, it cannot be removed. As long as the photo is in good taste, of aviation matter, and not taken illegally (ie: breaking on airport property or in an unauthorized area.)

The photo can be posted as long as the User posting, is the one who took the photo. It is not illegal to take photos of an aircraft while sitting on a tarmac, taking off, landing, crashing, etc…

Thanks for the quick replies.

Please delete the pic listed below, thanks in advance- … N5365D;o=0


I’ve uploaded a picure of my aircraft and I can view it when I click on pictures. How do i move it to the “picture” box to viewed when you bring up N9862H?