Crooked photo poster/voter ?

Just wondering if anyone else noticed the 25 to 30 new photos posted Friday evening by LTParrish?

I noticed after he posted all the photos that the “5 star” votes started adding up. All photos had one vote, then two, then three, and so on up to seven each.

Looked like he would vote all photos once, change to a new username, then vote again. So he must have seven “accounts” since he could only vote one at a time.

I know photos get votes but when you post that many at one time and they all 30 photos get seven “5 star” votes in ten minutes, smells kinda fishy to me!

You too are entitled to vote. Make the 8th vote start to count to what you believe the quality and composition of the photos deserve.

…and the land of the free…

as a semi related observation,

I laugh when I see a “1 circle” vote , it seems like those usually translate to ,Why did you even post this?

I personally wouldn’t vote for any of his pictures. In my mind…(I offer my opinion here in the full knowledge that very few people may be interested)…FlightAware is about tracking airplanes/flights. It appears to me that all his pictures (LTParrish) are tagged with the N# and are all airliners. Therefore you can vote all you want but as long as they are tagged by N# they will never correlate with the appropriate flight. I like to post pictures so that people who look up a flight can see a picture of the plane being tracked. I understand that people post pictures here to post and look at. But doesn’t it seem to you that if you are going to benefit the FlightAware site you should tag your photos so that it will get the most utility out of the site? The endorsement feature is a pretty good deal.

That’s exactly how I use “1 circle” – I reserve it for non-aviation photos and those where the aircraft is virtually impossible to see.

If you tag an airliner photo with the correct airline code and aircraft type, it is eligible to be displayed when tracking relevant flights for that airline.

You’ve got too much time on your hands.

You’ve got too much time on your hands.

Well if you have time to peruse the forums here than you are not a very busy person yourself.

That’s good to know. I kind of thought you had something like that in place. But was unaware. Probably because I only photo GA stuff.

Also, I think he (LTParrish) only did that with a couple but I don’t think he used the aircraft type. I could be wrong, but still think he could be the Crooked photo poster/voter that ppick suggests. :smiley:

The trend continues:

We investigated the issue and found no irregularities.

That doesn’t make any sense. The photos are getting far more votes than any other photos posted during the same timeframe, and supposedly all of them are fives – even when they have obvious flaws. :open_mouth:

Maybe he’s posting it while with a group of friends and they are voting for the pictures. Maybe, just maybe, why make such a big deal out of it? This is, after all, a site for flight tracking, not photography. The pictures are nice but the tracking is better!

I don’t think anyone was making a “big deal” out of it. It was simply an observation that looked out of the ordinary. Most of the time when someone here sees something that doesn’t look right or if there is a glitch, they write about it.

When you see a group of photos that have only around 40-45 views, but have 10-12 votes, thats out of the ordinary! And it happens everytime this one user post photos?

But it was just an observation, not a big deal. And I also agree, the tracking is the best part of the site damiross!

I agree with both of you. The tracking is why we come to this site. I also think it is more correct to say that the photos “enhance” the tracking. Because you can see the plane your tracking.

I do a lot of vicarious flying here, and it just makes it more fun to see the trackee. That’s why I started posting. My belief that you get out of something what you put into it.

I’ve been a member here since '05. I didn’t start posting photos until the last year or two. I don’t know what the date of my first post was. But it took me awhile to talk myself into posting pics. I just wish people would post pics of planes not of tertiary stuff. Although I have to admit I do enjoy seeing the pics of the pets enjoying the flight. :smiley:

Hilarious! The photos are not even very good in the first place… :astonished:

mlavander! Hello and welcome to FlightAware!! :smiley:

Did’t your mother ever tell you …“If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all.”?

I guess you’re gonna fit right in here.

That should be “If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, then sit next to me.” :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I say let the photos post be them good or not so good as long as the subject pertains to aircraft general av, or commercial av. If the reg # is
known then sure it should be added… personally, I would rather work off of info that has been omitted due to an unknown response rather than info guessed at and wrong… tomato, tomaaaato

It’s a place free of the “other” sites often draconian acceptance procedures (yes, I have residual passive bitterness from various photos… not really, I’ve moved on but i digress…)

one of those sites which has the words “Airliners” incorporated into the name has become quite littered with general av and military av craft… never have seen an f-14 in United Airlines colors or Pan Am B-52 but they’re posted along with THE AIRLINERS and will remain there love 'em or hate’em