Seattle Mariners Charter

Do the Mariners ever fly Alaska Airlines or just fly Delta. Also, when they land at Boeing do they park in the General Aviation Hangers.

I am new here.
Thanks for the help in advanced.

Don’t know the parking situation but the Mariners fly Delta on the longer transcons and Alaska on the west coast and shorter trips. … 100705.asp

Their Delta flight number is 9827. Not sure what the Alaska number is or if it varies.

Heading back from NY right now…


      Does anyone know the mariners alaska airlines flight number? Or the parking thing.

Sorry, I don’t know the about the Mariners situation specifically. But I can tell you that from my experience with sports charters, the aircraft parks at an FBO and is met by charter buses on the ramp. They are then transported to the venue or hotel…not that I’m a stalker or anything.


Still locking for Alaska Airlines flight number.

Check your PM or send me one.

Looks like flight number for 2022 is
Delta 8887