Delta Airlines flight Number: DAL8888 Boeing 757-200

I was surpise to see that flight DAL8888 which departed from KPHL Then surprisingly arrive to Chicago smaller runway airport KMDW Saw the aircraft making final approach I was like wow a boeing 757-200 at kmdw I haven’t seen one since northwest airlines merged with delta and then that flight departed from KMDW To arriving at KATL my question is was this a Connection Flight

I believe this is the NY Mets team plane.

Yup… Mets are playing the White Sox. Oddly if you do search DAL8888 in the discussion groups it shows up as being the Red Sox, Yankees AND Mets flight number over the past few years.

oh because in fact NY Mets are at us cellular field today against my white sox its just interesting that flight control allowed a Boeing 757 aircraft come in as are the longest runway only has about 5900 feet available

Who is “flight control?”

Allowed??? You’re basing your knowledge of runway length requirements is based off of what???

I meant control tower or the FAA and in case you didnt know KMDW Has aircraft restrictions as Boeing 747,767,777,Airbus 318 and lower or Airbus 320 or higher are not allowed to operate at the airport and in more detail wide body aircraft are basically banned from operating at KMDW 757 is a narrow body plane which is.allowed

Please furnish the citation of this “ban” you speak of… Not sure what planet you’re on but I’ve seen plenty of corporate jets and a few turboprops on the ground at Midway. That would sort of blow the “A318 and lower” comment out of the water…

There are no specific aircraft bans at MDW. The only limitation is that any aircraft have to weigh less than 250k lbs. (the double tandem weight bearing capacity of 13C/31C) and be able to take off and land in 6522 ft (the length of 13C/31C). If winds dictate the use of 22L/4R the usable rwy distance drops to 6445 ft (negligible difference).

757s have operated to MDW many times in the past.

When ATA had a hub in MDW they operated numerous 757 flights to places as far away as CUN, MBJ, and LAX. Northwest also flew scheduled 757’s into MDW on and off throughout the years.

Despite its larger size the 757-200 has better short field performance than the 737-800 and A320.

This might have more to do with the “limitations”.

Runways 13R/31L; 13L/31R and 04L/22R not available for scheduled air carrier operations with more than 9 passenger seats or unscheduled air carrier at least 31 passenger seats. Airport rescue and fire fighting index “D” equipment available with 8 hours notification to airport operations 773-838-0677.

The larger aircraft may need 8 hours of prior notification for ARFF requirements

I’m sure if some airline wanted to regularly operate a 767 at MDW, that the firefighting equipment would be there more permanently. However, there is little reason WHY anyone would want to operate a 767 at MDW (since it would be weight restricted to about the same capacity as a 757).

A 767-200 would have about 75k lbs of fuel and payload that they could add before reaching the runway load limit and could easily operated from 13C/31R or 4R/22L at that weight.

Even a 767-300ER could carry 51k lbs of fuel and payload from MDW safely.

would be awesome to see 767s at midway!!