Check this out -- one insane trip


16k miles in about 60hrs – only on this plane!! I think it would be N767MW – Mark Cubans?

I did not think KDAL could handle a 767 – I thought it was much like KMDW.


Love is larger than Midway, not as many runways but DALs are longer and are weight limited to 350,000 lbs. where Midways top out at 250,000 lbs.
Associated, who I believe was bought out, did completion and heavy maintenance on all sorts of ex-airliners as well as BBJ and ACJs. I seem to remember seeing an L-1011 at the hangar years ago.


Back when the 747 was new, and before KDFW, Braniff flew 747’s out of KDAL. I remember reading the late Len Morgan’s story of flying “Fat Albert” off of 31R at max gross to Honolulu…just barely made it. The longer 31L was closed that day.


I’ve always thought it sad that Capt. Morgan never got to fly the Concorde for Braniff and write about it for those of us who turned to his column first every month in Flying.


Some great pics of the 767 and 757 can be found at