Delta or Hawaiian flying Seahawks


Cant find anything from BFI to SFO for yesterday. Seahawks play the Niners tonight.



Ahh So Delta has the contract now.


Weird they fly out of Seatac, when BFI I think would be better. A lot of the visiting teams come into BFI (I see
their planes across the way when Im down there).


HA only had one 763 available last year too and on the weekends when both teams were flying, DL would cover one of the teams, this year the Raiders stayed on HA and Seahawks moved back to DL. The Seahawks as far as I know, have used SEA exclusively, at least for the last several years that we have been tracking them here.


Russel Wilson tweeted a picture of loading on to a delta flight on the 17th at 5:43pm