Portland Timbers Alaska 737 sighting

I arrived back in san Diego from Indianapolis, via Denver, on the 2nd. As I was riding home in the car, I saw the Alaska logo airplane for the MLS team Portland Timbers at the turnaround point between SAN’s taxiway and runway. I forget what time of day, but it was a really lovely aircraft. I wonder if t was en route to PDX or not.

Still haven’t seen the Aztecs plane.

Too bad we can’t track by N#, they are supposed to start flying to KSAT daily starting Sept.17, alaskaair.com/content/travel … Info-fleet shows quite a few themed 737s, the new Salmon-thirty-salmon is supposed to be out this fall, I’d like to get pics of that!

Iv’e seen the Portland Timbers 737 in Denver, also can’t wait to see the new Salmon thirty Salmon, gorgeous plane!