When is my best time to see N559AS in DEN?

I would be glad if some one can find out when salmon thirty salmon will come here to Denver,
or even better show me how to get the schedule for that aircraft. :slight_smile:

I appreciate your time and effort. P.S I searched (Alaskaair.com) and could not find anything. :frowning:

Sorry if the title is misleading, wasn’t sure how to put it.

Well, from using FA’s flight-finder and AA’s site, you probably won’t see it due to the fact that they use -700s for DEN service. Salmon is a -800, and since they don’t provide N#s for tracking, one would just have to be lucky to catch it.

Thank you, whens the seasonal change from a 737-700 to a 800 or 900?


I found out it switches to a 737-800 on April 7th, can’t wait to see the salmon here!

Well good luck! I try to stop on the way home to see if they send a theme-plane on our only ASA flight, a -800 but lately they have been using a -900, today the map shows B739 but the page shows B738? flightaware.com/live/flight/ASA6 … /KSEA/KSAT

Looks like an 800 to me, even if its a 900 you still have a chance to get this :arrow_right: lockonaviation.net/html/show … hp?id=7987

I got It!