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Sands Boeing 747SP for sale . . . VP-BLK

157 seat capacity with 64 seats in commercial configuration.

If I only had the money. . .

A private 747 and the airline seats are coach seats. I don’t get it?

They’re for the hired help and entourages Frank.

Don’t want them gettin’ uppity and puttin’ on airs now, do we.

How do you know its for sale? any link to the article.?


The interior is a strange mix between gaudy and quaint. Meh.

Paul Allens 757, N757AF is available also wentworth.aero/gallery-757.htm link has a nice presentation.

Isn’t that Blazer 1, or does he have another for the Trailblazers?

There is soooo much to be said about this listing… But it’s not my place.

Maybe…just maybe…a past contributor here will come by and set the record straight. In the mean time, not all is what it seems to be…

Looks a lot like the Fry’s SP inside…Pretty awful!

Through that toy store link, I found this for “sale”:


Wtf is that? Mach 1.5? Somehow I don’t see that making the transition from paper to showrooms. It’d be nice, but I’m more of a realist. Who knows though, I’m sure people said the same thing about the Concorde.

I saw them at NBAA last year with a wind tunnel model.

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen this AC around the ramp for a while…I guess between there other 757, 747Sp and BBJ, they no longer need this SP…

You probably haven’t seen it because it’s either been elsewhere throughout the world…or if their parking space at LAS is tight they’ll park one at KIFP.

JHEM is right on. That interior mix is very common in the ex-airline turned bizjet world. Gotta have someplace for the maids and nannies.

John in Saudi

The interiors of both of them are unchanged from their Royal Saudi configuration.

FYI - both SP’s are back with VLP parked in it’s normal location on the west apron…and the other (I forgot the tail BME??)) is on the east pad near T2

Sands only lost $114Million last quarter. Maybe they’ll end up keeping it now.